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Counterfeit Chinese Dragon Dollars that were sent in MPC Membership and Collectors packages. The English face reads Hu-Peh (Hubei) Province while the Chinese face reads Zhejiang Province, meaning that two different coin dies were used in their creation.


Courtesy of R. David Clarke


Correlations []

Hubei (Left) Zhejiang (Right)

Information on Kiang Nan (Jiangnan):

Gang Xu Emperor (1871-1908):

Exert from Above:

In 1912 Sun Yat-sen praised the Guangxu Emperor for his educational reform package that allowed China to learn more about Western culture. After the establishment of the People's Republic of China, historian Fan Wenlan (范文瀾) called the emperor "a Manchu noble who could accept Western ideas". Some historians think that the emperor is the first Chinese leader to implement policies of modernisation and capitalism. The Guangxu Emperor also epitomised the lowest imperial power had come since the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, and is the only ruler of the Qing Dynasty to have been put under house arrest during his own reign.