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Welcome to the Curios and Conundrums Wiki[]

Whether you are a veteran or a newcomer, let this be a place to collect clues from the MPC Curios & Conundrums newsletter, so that we may work together to solve the mysteries contained therein.

While the Mysterious Package Company has removed the Vault from their website, a proxy has been made available by community member Offsky. Follow this link.

What you can do:[]

  • Check out the Clues Image Library, and if you have something that's not there, please upload a pic to help solve the mystery!
  • Need more detailed help, or just a review of the story so far? Check out our Beginner's Guide!
  • Search the List of Unsolved Mysteries for a puzzle to tackle.
  • Have a look at the Wiki content
  • Hop onto the unofficial Chat Room for more in depth communal sleuthing. Next to the pull down menu that says CONNECT, click "Server". In the space that pops up, type, "". Enter the nickname by which you'd like to be known below that, and #mpc in the box for channel.

A Quick Note[]

Please refrain from posting any actual solutions online- this is an immersive experience that is much more exciting and rewarding when puzzled through. There are a number of sleuths in the Sitting Room who would be more than happy to help you work through problems if you get stuck.

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