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I've been catching up on C&C for the past month or so and in order to try to recreate the experience and avoid spoilers I've been using a certain process and trying not to "read ahead" so to speak. However, I'm having a hard time making sense of the order/chronology of some of the information here on the Wiki.

The "Articles from Curios and Conundrums" sections are the exception, as they are laid out in chronological order. This is usually where I focus my attention and am particularly thankful for the pictures and discriptions of the curios that accompanied each issue.

However, my only wish is that the other sections (Clues Image Library, Unsolved Mysteries, and the Wikia Content) were also linked to on the C&C pages to reflect the approximate time and way in which they were discovered. There's a good chance I'm just missing something or not reading it correctly, so I'd love any clarification on this.

If everyone finds it agreeable, I was thinking about trying to add these additional notations/links to each C&C section so as to have the option of reading through the story chronologically?

I could also see how the current format might be preferable to those that are all caught up, so maybe the front page could be divided into two sections, one for catching-up that presents all the information in the approximate order it was discovered/discussed and another section for current readers that presents information by type/topic, such as it is currently.

Any feedback, suggestions, or clarification would be much appreciated. Hopefully, I'll be able to help out more with the Wiki once I'm all caught up too :D