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My dearest members,

I would like to begin my first missive of this publication by thanking you for allowing me and my team to make it through such a tumultuous and exciting opening few months. We have born witness to archaeologists in the frozen tundra, doctors running strange experiments, and the breaking of the very veil of time and space. Artifacts of every description have made their way from my vault into the homes of those lucky few who have received packages thus far. I look forward to many more such adventures in the coming months.

This inaugural prologue to our quarterly publication is being sent to all our subscribers free of charge, so you can get a sense of what you will receive in the future, as you continue your subscription.

Future quarterly mailings will include more exclusive puzzles, riddles, and clues, as well as curious trinkets I have managed to collect in my travels. Some contests that we will be running will be exclusive to subscribers however, fear not, there will be plenty of opportunity for our non-subscribing members to compete, however we feel that subscribers deserve something a little special just for them.

So, enjoy this collection of stories, mysteries, puzzles and clues. I hope that it finds you well and full of curiosity about the future. I look forward to building with you a community that becomes something truly special.

Your servant,

The Curator

at The Mysterious Package Company