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Here is a partial list of the unsolved mysteries that face us currently.

The Common Ground Between Pictures[]

The Bridge Letter[]

This is an enciphered letter, probably doubly encrypted. It was found as part of a trail that started with the stick figures from Knick Knack Metropolis, followed by foxes and hounds, a hidden video, and an in-person quest. With it was a mirror marked with the number 1, indicating that a reversal of some sort would be necessary. Relevant images can be found Here.

Around the last third of the letter was eventually translated, after we received a newly enciphered block of text from AM. Apparently a flaw in the encryption process rendered the original essentially uncrackable.

Secret Name of the Quarterly[]

This has been solved for Volume 1, and is presumed solved for Volume 2.

The Vault[]

The vault has been successfully opened for Volume 1 and Volume 2.


The second Broadcast contains at least one message that has been solved, although the numbers have yet to be cracked, if they do indeed hold a message. Check that out here.


  • Hidden Evidence - although promised hidden online evidence, this has yet to materialize beyond an elusive single word -This seems to have been delivered
  • "Calling Card" - is written in extremely miniscule text in at least two issues. It's not known what meaning, if any, is connected to this
  • Shackleton - although directed to this, the meaning remains unclear
  • Where Four Travelers Meet - although the location has likely been sussed out, the meaning is unknown
  • Volume 3 - While many puzzles have been sussed out, the significance is still unknown.